June 30, 2008

Dancing with Myself

Yeah....I am. Why?? NEW SHOES!!!! WITH STUDS!!!!! WOWOWOWOW!

I know...so exciting, but I am not sure if I can keep them. :'( My mother bought them for me, but she was not sure if they were too high. MUSTKEEPTHEM!!!! In other news...I got a huge bump on my head today after I walked into the door. I know...I am a HUGE klutz. Ah well...

Here is what I wore:

Vest: childhood wardrobe (Old Navy Kids Department)

Top: Old Navy $4.99 ON SALE!

Shorts: Thrifted

Shoes: my gladiators.


Old Navy, half off for $16.99!
I also got a black sweater and capris $6.99 and $14.99.
For some reason I find myself wishing it was fall again. Like, I am craving to wear a sweater and jeans. I have no clue why. Do you feel that ever??

June 29, 2008


Yeah...so I am back from journalism camp. I had LOADS of fun ( i went with my cousin!) and learned a lot of somewhat useful stuff. I promiiiiiiiiise that I will post outfit pics this week (maybe a photoshoot of me and the cousin...idk). Plus pics of what I got for my birthday (YAY JULY 3!!!) So now I have no excuse not to comment. XD
Here are some pics of my trip:

Magazines for the trip. I especially loved that Nylon had a feature on Courtney Love. Oh, and in Instyle, my 'Personal Style' is a tie between romantic and trendsetter.

An outfit from BEFORE THE TRIP. Excuse the poor photo quality. I LOOOVE this outfit though. LOOOOOOOOVE it! Now that I realize it, it is sort of a mix between my "Style Personalities"

And this is the cutest squirrel EVER that I took a picture of at camp. AWWWW!

June 25, 2008

Today's Outfit

So I am at journalism camp....and I nagged my cousin into letting me use her camera. Her computer is sped-like, so I cannot comment on certain blogs. ;( I know...it is horrifying!!!!!
here is the outfit
top: delia*s $12.99
Shorts: Old Navy ??
Shoes: DSW $34.99
Don't you love my posing skills????

June 21, 2008


I am going to be away for a week, so the posting will be sporadic. I SHOULD be able to...but who knows.

June 18, 2008

Weiner Lover

Yes...I love those cute little DOGS! Here is an outfit to show my love.

I wish I had these clothes...sigh

June 16, 2008

Shop Shop Shop

That's all I ever do. Oh well, I shouldn't be complaining. Here is what I have purchased lately.

The John Lennon poster :)

Shoes from Steve and Barry's $8.98

Top and Pants from tarjay

Top Go Designer on sale for 6.24 Pants Converse One Star on sale for 6.24. Don't eat me for buying pants in the middle of June. I am volunteering at the hospital and appereantly we had to wear khaki pants, but grey pants would be acceptable. I had none of the above, so these pants were it.

Top from H&M $15.00 Skirt Go Designer for Target $8.24 This and the outfit below are for when I go to NYC, and need to be "fancy".

Dress H&M $29.90 I am in love with it!!!!!!!

Speaking of H&M, does anyone ever pick up their free magazine?? I mean, its not the best, but a free fashion magazine....HECK YES I'LL TAKE IT!

June 8, 2008

hey hey hey

I am going to be away for a week (at journalism camp!) so expect sporadic posting. I will try to but...i sometimes suck at trying. Oh...I will try to post after I read my new Nylon and InStyle to update you....but whatever.

Violent Femmes + Me = A New Obsession

I am really becomming obsessed with the Violent Femmes. Idk, they are just AMAZING especially in Blister in the Sun and American Music. I NEED THEIR CDS!!!!!!

this post sucks, but I felt the need to share my love of 80s alt music.


Shoes I am addicted to.
1. Converses are AMAZING!!! Comfy, cute, and different, Converses+Me=LOVE!!!
2. Wedges are like the only heel I can wear. That is sad, I know, but with a tendency to be short and to fall over a lot, wedges save my life!
3. Gladiators are sooo cute. And they won't make you fall over!
4. Flats, especially these can be so very demure, and wonderful. :)

I will have a picture post soon with everything I bought recently, including a JOHN LENNON POSTER!!!!!

Gah! New shoes and an outfit to show them off!

Today I went shopping with my mom. I got some new shoes, and 2 t-shirts. It is sooo hot here, so expect me to wear more shorts and tanks than anything else. Today it got up to 92 degrees, and my sister had a soccer game!!!! I sat in the sun and nearly melted, and I cringe to think about how it was to play the game.
Here is my outfit:

Top: H&M $12.99

Shorts: Aeropostle about $20.00

NEW SHOES(!!): DSW $34.99

Bracelet: Free Hand-me-down

Here are the shoes up close.

Here are the tops I bought at Old Navy (2 for $18.00)

This is the pattern I got the other day at the sewing store.

And here is the fabric and other goodies. I can't wait to start sewing!