March 23, 2008

I am Back!

Excuse the lack of posting....again, but Easter break left me like NOOOOOOOOO time for posting. While I was away I
-Went to H&M and bought 2 blousy shirts. I like never go is horrible because the closest one is 45 minutes away!
-Went through clothes in my grandparent's attic, and found SOOOOO many cute vintage skirts and blouses, BUT after washing, they still smell a little musty...any tips?
-Got $40 for babysitting (spending money!)
-Found 2 necklaces @ Claire's-one is a strawberry that was reminiscent of the movie Across the Universe (Jim Sturgess...AHHHH) and one reminds me of Harry Potter

Daily Favs!
The Way I AM
Ingrid Michealson


What I'm Wearing:
delia*s jeans $30
Beatles Top $4.99 @ Gabes
Short Brown Sweater $10
Brown Flats $20
I was going to wear the tops with a brown and blue plaid skirt from the attic, BUT it smelled musty, so I was forced to wear jeans!

March 17, 2008

Flicking through Instyle

Instyle came yesterday, and they did an entire story on neon colors!!! HOORAY for neon.
Fav neon things
-oversized bags

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Please Please Please
by Shout Out Louds

for all the curly haired people!

Shame, shame, shame!

Ok, I admit, I have been a HORRIBLE blogger for the past few weeks. Soccer decided to eat up my time, so I sadly could not post for a while. I is horrible! Ok I will stop ranting about how BAD I am and talk about the good things.

1. Easter break is only 2 short days away! You know what that means....SALES!

2. I got new glasses, and realized that they are Valentino! tres chic!

3. Not much more exciting things going on in my fashion world...

Daily favs:

Then I Met You
by The Proclaimers

Nylon Magazine

March 9, 2008


I just had to share this lovely photo with you!!

March 5, 2008


Excuse the EXTREME lack of posting...I was unwell and then soccer decided to take over my life for about a week, so here I am....back for now!