October 29, 2008


Ugh....I have been sick for the past few days, which sucks. Thankfully I had time to blog for once though. I think that I might be able to go back to daily posts VERRRY soon, which makes me happy.
Anyway, I put together a list of crap that I have been wanting, obsessing over, or dancing to these past weeks.

1. Boots:
I have been obsessively looking up pairs of boots that are either suede or have fringe.

These are from Cutseygirl.com. This pair has a kitten heel and bows. They come in three colors; tan, brown, and black. They cost $25.99.

This pair is from amazon.com (brand is Sodapop, I think!) $21.99 - I adore them to no end! MUST. BUY. NOW!

These fringed lovelies are also from cutseygirl.com. $24.99

2. New hairstyles

This is Jenny Lewis. And this is how I want my hair to be. Currently my hair is shoulder length and rather curly, and I wear it side-parted. Tonight at my haircut, though, and I am getting bangs like this and just a trim otherwise so I can let my hair grow out. I am SOOO excited!

And this is what I would wear in it. Very boho chic, from gojane.com for the ridiculous price of $11.99!

3. 80's Band T-shirts:

My favs are Adam and the Ants and the Ramones. Maybe the Psychedelic Furs too.

(all are from ebay.com!)

Oh, and this is random, but necessary. Whoever wouldn't want Jim Sturgess's face on their shirt is absolutely crazy. XDD

Oh! I went to and Obama rally pre-sickness....IT WAS FLIPPIN' SWEET! I was soo excited to see like a ton of people supporting him, because my immediate area is like this total Mccain lovefest. But who could really love this guy?:

October 18, 2008

Haha....I couldn't stay away!

Erm...back for a little bit. Just to show ya what I wore to homecoming! XDD
here it is:

Dress: Forever 21, $25.99

Shoes: Old Navy, $24.95

Necklace: ??

I also wore a feather in my hair--but you obviously can't see it here. Oh, and in case you wanted to know, I went to a Chinese place to eat before with like seven of my friends (some had dates, some didn't) and it was delish (even though I could only eat rice! vegetarianism is nooooot fun!), and then we went to the homecoming. It was loads of fun! XDD