June 8, 2008


Shoes I am addicted to.
1. Converses are AMAZING!!! Comfy, cute, and different, Converses+Me=LOVE!!!
2. Wedges are like the only heel I can wear. That is sad, I know, but with a tendency to be short and to fall over a lot, wedges save my life!
3. Gladiators are sooo cute. And they won't make you fall over!
4. Flats, especially these can be so very demure, and wonderful. :)

I will have a picture post soon with everything I bought recently, including a JOHN LENNON POSTER!!!!!


Sugar Pop said...

sure, i'd love to :) thank you for dropping by my blog!

yes, converse are cool. way too cool. i just don't happen to own any. i'm cheap like that....i buy the knockoff ones :P

ellie said...

Cool shoes. Don't know how comfy they'd all be.

That's great about the john lennon poster.

Naomi said...

i nearly bought the amper flats but decided against it in the end... i'll wait for the price to drop a little maybe... he he

She's Dressing Up said...

The gladiator sandals are lovely