November 28, 2008

Black Friday = My Hero.

I woke up at 5 a.m. today to participate in a hugely commercial event that was filled with extremely preppy girls. And it felt good! No, of course I am not talking about the new opening of Hollercrombie or whatever, but I am talking about The mall. At six a.m. On black Friday. Yes, it was a bit ridiculous, but I adored about every second of it. Anddddd I got some extremely good deals. YUM!
First, I went to Forever 21, which is one of my many favorite stores. The scene was the usual sale absurdity, including cardboard boxes overflowing with clothes. All clearence was buy one get one, so it was totally worth it. I got this top, which I bought with my cousin's items (she had an odd number!), and I ended up spending $2.50.

It actually reminds me of sherbert, but I have no clue what to wear it with to make it wintry. I guess a cardigan, but who knows what else.

Then we went to Delia*s (yay!) and I got some cuuuute stuff!
I adore the Smiths, Morrisey makes me want to swoooooon! This top was $5.74.

I have been awaiting this bag's sale for ages. It paid off, as it was only $3.99!
The last stop we made was at Charlotte Russe, where I bought a Luellaesk skirt for $2.50!! Everything was 25% off, and this was already on sale (to the extreme!).

Now I must go to the gym to work off all of my Thanksgiving flab so I can fit into these clothes!!



November 27, 2008

Happy Tofurkey Day!

Hah...stupid vegetarian joke I know, but it was necessary. xDD

Tommorow is like superfunshoppingtime, but I don't know if my mother will take me. :0 I know, but hopefully she will give in....

Here is what I am wearing:

Yeah...the technicolor one is a bit ridiculus, but nevertheless fun. Jumper: Target, $5.47. Top: Old Navy, ??. Tights: Handmedown. Boots: Report, $29.99.

I am off to go and get fat on stuffing balls and pie. Yummm!

November 16, 2008

I don't know you, but I want you...

I have been playing back Falling Slowly from the movie Once addictively. Marketa Irglova, who is in the movie was definetly my inspiration for today's outfit.

Sweater: Old Navy, $4.99. Skirt: Express from Gabes, $5.99. Tights: Hand-me-down. Boots: Report from Macy's.
Sorry for the poor photo quality, it was SNOWING! My favorite weather is probably snow, or neige in French. (We are learning weather. xDD)

See our outfit resemblance? Flowy skirt, tights, sweater, and boots. All I need now is a great singing friend who will buy me a piano...

I adore the snow!

Thrifting photos tommorow!

Ta ta for now!


November 11, 2008

Feels like a Lacoste ad...

We are playing badmiton in gym class...I feel like I am in one of those ads that are filled with people jumping! My partner and I suck at it though, but it is fun because we basically stand there and swat at the birdie. Today I had the easiest hit, but I missed the birdie completely. So if you had the choice between a turtle and me to be your partner...CHOOSE THE TURTLE! anyway, it is time for a chilly winter around here....GOOD LAYERING, BUT BAAAD SCHOOL TIME BECAUSE THE HEATER IS NOT REALLY ON....
So, in honor of my chilliness, I totally copied this girl. I adore her style - she makes me wish I was a little French girl. Sigh!

Tank: F21. Tunic: gift (Abercrombie). Cardigan: Delia*s. Buttons: Handmade Arcade. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Report (Famous Footwear).

These were only $5!!!

Well, I must washer is making some odd sounds...

November 3, 2008


OBAMA WON!!!!!!! -does an extremely awkward dance- SUPER HAPPY!!! XDD
Today's outfit:

Going for the "boho look"

Top: Urban Outfitters. Jeans: Target. Boots: Macy's.

So here are the boots I ended up getting - they are "Report" from Macy's. There are bows on the sides which makes them about 10000 times better. XD

Oh! And here is some photography practice. This little guy passed whilst I was taking photos.