June 29, 2008


Yeah...so I am back from journalism camp. I had LOADS of fun ( i went with my cousin!) and learned a lot of somewhat useful stuff. I promiiiiiiiiise that I will post outfit pics this week (maybe a photoshoot of me and the cousin...idk). Plus pics of what I got for my birthday (YAY JULY 3!!!) So now I have no excuse not to comment. XD
Here are some pics of my trip:

Magazines for the trip. I especially loved that Nylon had a feature on Courtney Love. Oh, and in Instyle, my 'Personal Style' is a tie between romantic and trendsetter.

An outfit from BEFORE THE TRIP. Excuse the poor photo quality. I LOOOVE this outfit though. LOOOOOOOOVE it! Now that I realize it, it is sort of a mix between my "Style Personalities"

And this is the cutest squirrel EVER that I took a picture of at camp. AWWWW!


Dapper Kid said...

Looking forward to some outfit posts! Annnd I added your link :)

Squishybubble said...

Shweet! Thanks. XDD

Tavi said...

Can't wait to see the outfits! Glad you had fun :)

Life's a Wardrobe said...

Hi! I've linked you - I like your blog!