May 30, 2008

Outfit Picture!!!!

First EVER outfit post.
Details: White Gap Top 14.99
Shorts-J Crew Outlet 24.99
Chuck Taylors 10.00
Necklace from Claires 1.99
This outfit is really rather preppy, I know...Ah well
Click on the picture to enlarge!

Green and Pink

Today I am planning on shopping for a new sewing pattern from JoAnne Fabrics. I am thinking maybe a skirt or a dress. Hmmmmmmm. I am an ok sewer, although I am sure my Home Ec (sorry FCS) teacher would beg to differ. I managed to rip a hole in the pillow I made last year, and this year, although the pajama shorts came out alright, I broke a sewing needle, and it was the END OF THE WORLD!!! I also managed to cause a pot full of noodles to boil over. My home ec career was probably over before it started.

Heres what I wore today:

Green Top $8.99 Gap Outlet

Jean Skirt $20.00 Forever 21

Shoes $15.00 Payless

Necklace $1.99 Claires

Scarf Found in my grandma's attic

Here is a closeup of the scarf.

And here is the necklace.

I also went shopping the other day. In addition to the shirt I wore yesterday, here is what I bought:

Shorts $15.00 each at Aeropostle. Don't eat me, I know they look super preppy, but I have been needing shorts for the summer.

Scarf $7.99 Forever 21

Book: Miss New York Has Everything I have finished it already, and I was impressed

Earrings: $4.99 Rue 21 The white blobs are doves.

Fav Song:

Dear Prudence

The Beatles

Its too good to be true...or is it??

I just found this site where all of the makeup is $1.00!!!!!! And the bath products are $4.00!!!!!!! And nail polish is $1.00!!!!!! And brushes are $1.00, too. Mineral Makeup is $5.00!!!

I am about to start hyperventalating...

Heres the site: (Also known as E.L.F.)

May 25, 2008

Good News, Better News

The Good:
I am going to NYC this summer...can't wait! I am planning the trip (for money!), so any tips would be rather helpful

The Better:
I am allowed to post outfit pictures!!! YAYAYAY!!!! They will begin like on Saturday.

Real Posts are coming...stay tuned!

Schools out, so lets play tag!

Done with school!! Finally!!!! Posts will more than likely be daily, and of what I am wearing.
On another note, I was tagged by Naomi at But is it Fashion.
5 things in my bag (backpack??):
Book that I am reading
5 things in my purse:
Hand Sanitizer...I am a germ phob
5 Favorite Things in my Room:
My Closet
My Jewelry stash
My Books
My poster that sort of imitates Molly Ringwald's room in Pretty in Pink
My Rugs
5 Things I want to do before I die:
Go to college
Publish a book
Meet Yoko Ono
Live in NYC
5 Things I am Currently Into:
Red Sunglasses
Reading on my Porch
Playing Piano
Staying in Shape for Soccer
5 impressions of Naomi
She has cute clothes.
She is good at Polyvore
She is cool, cause she blogs.
She has amazing hair.
She seems fun.

May 20, 2008 per usual

Ugh.....I am getting so repetitive in saying this, but soccer AGAIN caused me to have no time....I like 1 week will be posting daily....

Scarlett Johansson....singing??

how confusing....she acts, she is 'semi-fashionable' and now she sings???
heres the link:

May 18, 2008

Art Expert...NOT!

Kris Chau is probably my new favorite is one of her works. I couldn't find the one that I really liked, but oh well. Wow...I LOVE it!

May 4, 2008

Forever 21

I went to F21 this weekend and bought the following:
1 Blue Pleated Skirt
1 Jean High waisted paperbag skirt
1 Jean dress (on sale)
1 cami
Then I went to Delia*s and got a shirt with sheep on it...I love sheep. Sorry I haven't has seriously been eating away my life! Real posts are coming as soon as summer is.

PS: Brooke got off of Idol.....WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA!?!?!?!?!?!

Ello again...

HORRIBLE BLOGGER BAAAD BAAD BAAAD!!!! Ok, that is probably what you are screaming right now ( IF YOU READ THIS) hehehe, but soccer, AGAIN is taking over my life. Summer is in 9 days for then I should be able to fit blogging in.

BUT I am making up for my absence by bringing to first ever 'picture by the blogger' post. Thats right....I took my own pictures...

OF MY BRAND NEW (well thrifted) DIOR SKIRT THAT WAS ONLY $10.50!!!!!!!!

here they are:
The third picture is what I plan to wear it with (tommorow.). So thats it for now.....
Daily Favs:
by Elvis Costello
flowered top
jean bermudas
peace necklace
brown belt
Espirit shoes