June 30, 2008

Dancing with Myself

Yeah....I am. Why?? NEW SHOES!!!! WITH STUDS!!!!! WOWOWOWOW!

I know...so exciting, but I am not sure if I can keep them. :'( My mother bought them for me, but she was not sure if they were too high. MUSTKEEPTHEM!!!! In other news...I got a huge bump on my head today after I walked into the door. I know...I am a HUGE klutz. Ah well...

Here is what I wore:

Vest: childhood wardrobe (Old Navy Kids Department)

Top: Old Navy $4.99 ON SALE!

Shorts: Thrifted

Shoes: my gladiators.


Old Navy, half off for $16.99!
I also got a black sweater and capris $6.99 and $14.99.
For some reason I find myself wishing it was fall again. Like, I am craving to wear a sweater and jeans. I have no clue why. Do you feel that ever??


Sugar Pop said...

YES YES YES. In winter I long for summer, and in the summer I long for the winter. I swear, I'm whacked.

Dapper Kid said...

I love the waistcoat, and those new shoes are awesome! I know what you mean, now that it's getting warmer, I wish it was colder so I could do some layering!

Dapper Kid said...

Oh, I tagged you by the way!!

Tavi said...

UGH I hate having to dress for comfort. It's so picky, but I long for the fall when I can wrap myself up in layers and layers and wear tights and trousers.
Great Old Navy buys!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Mad cool shoes.