January 25, 2009


Hi guys! I am really sorry about the hiatus, but I have had a lot of school stuff to get to, and I really haven't had time to post. I will probably do some real ones tommorow.
Oh....and if any of you have lomography camera expierience leave me a comment cause I would like to learn more about them! I am considering buying either the Diana+ or the Holga.
So....let me know!

January 5, 2009


Studying sucks. But I will be back soon!
Tops: Forever 21. Jeans: Delia's. Shoes: Blowfish. I pinned my hair up today...and really liked it! xDD

A new year!

Happy New Year guys! Its a little late, I know, but this break has been so busy. Tommorow I am going back to school, and at the end of the week I have midterms! Gah...I know, so I will probably be back on Friday. This year I am planning on blogging more, with better posts and more how-to's. So expect that in the future! I also may be taking a photography class, which is super exciting for two reasons. One, I get to take better, more interesting photos, and Two, it is located in the city!
What are your resolutions? I want to hear, so I can possibly make some better ones!

So I will leave you with today's outfit:

Sweater: Mango. Skirt: Charlotte Russe ($2.50!). Tights: Target. Boots: Blowfish.

I purchased some brand new fringed boots from DSW after Christmas. They were half off, and I had a $20 off coupon, so the grand total was $9.97! I had wanted these for Christmas, but I did not recieve them as my size was out, so I was obviously overjoyed to find them!

There they are...in all their fringed glory!
All the accesories I have recieved lately. Blue Necklace: Chrismas. Gold Charm Bracelet: Forever 21. Nail Polish (which looks really rather good!): Urban Outfitters. Charmed Bracelet: Jewelry Swap with friends. Bobby Pins: Forever 21. Earrings: Bitten @ Steve and Barry's.