April 14, 2008


So American Idol is on tonight. YAY!!! Here are my ratings of the finalists

Syesha Mercado- Mediocre...I don't really like her, because she is forgettable. All my buddies feel the same!
David Archeluta-I watched him on star search....I was about 10 then, so I can't really remember, but oh well. He has a huge posse of teenage girls watching him and loving him-BUT I HATE HIM!!!
David Cook-Had poserish hair, and is too much like Chris Daughtry
Jason Castro-He is quirky, and pretty good at singing-I like him
Brooke White-I saved the best for last-She has cute clothes, is very sunny, and can really sing!!!

My fav is Brooke, then Jason.

Daily Favs:
blister in the sun
violent femmes


red tarjay cardigan
jeans from ON
striped cami
bracelet i made

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