April 14, 2008

Grrrrr and WELCOME TO THE 60s!

AH!! I have been away and have had like no time to blog. :(

Anyway, I decided to do my 1960s fashion dressing now!

So lets start!

-The 60s were and era of change. Women made fashion history by beginning the trend of wearing pants. Jeans were in, and most skirts were OUT.

-Skirts were SUPER short (aka micro mini).

-Think geometric for hairstyles, as well as the beehive, and plenty of straightening.

-Bell bottoms were a trademark of the 60s.

-Wear peace necklaces, boho skirts, and lots of scarves for a hippie inspired look.

-Throw on some kitten heels and begin to feel oh so very 60s!

-There were also a lot of tank turtlenecks, although unless they are the real deal, these have a lot of potential to look TACKY!

-Think of Jackie Kennedy and Mary Quant for inspiration.

-Pillbox hats and big sunglasses were huge in the 60s

Oh, and the Beatles formed in 1964. Man do I wish I lived then. I could have had an authentic Beatles shirt, and seen them in concert...sigh!

So go now...and DRESS UP!!!!

Daily Favs



By Elvis Costello



Gap green Trapeze top

Flower earrings

Delias Jeans

Jean Wedges

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