May 4, 2008

Ello again...

HORRIBLE BLOGGER BAAAD BAAD BAAAD!!!! Ok, that is probably what you are screaming right now ( IF YOU READ THIS) hehehe, but soccer, AGAIN is taking over my life. Summer is in 9 days for then I should be able to fit blogging in.

BUT I am making up for my absence by bringing to first ever 'picture by the blogger' post. Thats right....I took my own pictures...

OF MY BRAND NEW (well thrifted) DIOR SKIRT THAT WAS ONLY $10.50!!!!!!!!

here they are:
The third picture is what I plan to wear it with (tommorow.). So thats it for now.....
Daily Favs:
by Elvis Costello
flowered top
jean bermudas
peace necklace
brown belt
Espirit shoes


Naomi said...

love that skirt! went thrifting last week and found zilch! :(

jess said...

i realy like that skirt

Naomi said...

i'd love to link up!

saray said...

cute outfit :)