August 3, 2008

Holeeeeeeeey cow!! I haven't been on for ages...then I went on yesterday, and I saw like 10000000 things I wanted.

Here they are!!!!!!!!!!!

Juno Hamburger Phone!
(if you haven't seen that movie....go now...view it!!!)

Ring Ring Ring Ring Banana Phone!! (holder)

My friend and I have a weird obsession with that song. heh heh

Domo is my hero (just one more Japenese toy to love!!)

Need I say more??

Oooo how cute...and it is actually clothes! (ok, ok accessories!)

I am obsessed with Hello Kitty. I have an alarm clock, stationary, plushes, so why not a stapler?

Yeah...this obviously isn't thrift pics, but I am lazy butt who doesn't feel like taking pictures. Plus I am going shopping again today, so expect photos by tommorow!


Claudia said...


Emily said...

I have those band aids!!!!!!!!! I also own the Jesus band aids. They hold magical healing powers

Nay'Chelle said...

Ah the banana phone! It makes me think of the show bananas in pajamas. haha

montypython101 said...

haha, love the hamburger phone! hey hav u seen this new japanese pillow? it's in the shape of an arm and like some of them hav features so it vibrates to wake u up. pretty strange, those japanese (and apparently the pillows are going like hot cakes and selling for around 80 bucks)

Anna Shapiro said...

Oh i lovelovelove The phone.
i need to go purchase one

Nadine said...

I want the unicorn bandages!

jess said...

I love Fred Flare when i visit there site I always want a jillion things too

scubasocks said...

awesome, i love the banana phone song, my friend's and i have a dance. hah, we are dorks.

1234 said...

i want a hamburger phone sooo badly. have you youtubed charlie the unicorn? its crazy, but the bandages reminded me of them.