July 7, 2008

How many ways???

Can I wear one shirt??

Clearly I am bored....borderlining on crazy as always, but this was a fun way play dress up with my clothes!

So...here is outfit number 1:

Yer...the basic shorts + blouse combo

THE SHIRT: H&M $10 ( on sale XDD)

Shorts: Aero $20

Bracelet: Kohls ??

This is a "Schoolgirl Chic" look

Sweater: Old Navy $6.99

Pants: Converse One Star (Target!): $8.48

Shoes: Old Navy $16.99

Uh...this is the same outfit except without the sweater. I liked it a lot, so here it is!

A "dressy look"

Skirt: Go Designer for Target $8.48

And here are the shoes that I wore with this look

I couldn't decide which one, so I had to show you both. Tell me what you think!

The shirt is under a tunic in this look.

Tunic: GASP abercrombie (gift....it is cute except for the logo....believe me! XDD)

Jeans: Old Navy ??

Shoes: Old Navy

Worn under a blazer....er the picture is bad, but the outfit is cute.
Blazer: Target ??
Jeans: Old Navy ??
Stud Shoes from Old Navy

Last Look!
Worn under a t-shirt.
Neville Longbottom Tee (Yes....I do enjoy Harry potter!) Gasp Hot Topic $4.99
Jeans: Old Navy
Stud Shoes: Old Navy

Yeah....that was fun, but I found stuff to wear at school and beyond. So now....I challenge you to do the same!! Find your favorite article of clothing and try to wear it as many ways as possible.

XDD Squishybubble


Tavi said...

My favorite is the one with the Go skirt. What a great idea!

Dapper Kid said...

I love that shirt, and it looks super with the skirt! Love the round toed heels, they look adorable!

And yup, it was a fox, one of the joys of living in South London, we have lots of foxes in the city...plus apparently in London you are no more than 10 feet away from a rat...joy!

1234 said...

i like the dressy look, love that skirt! i wanted to get those old navy shoes in black...

Nay'Chelle said...

I love the shirt. I really like the look with the go skirt!

Francis Girard said...

I wish I had time on my hands to play dress ups, I love the paper bag skirt on you, its fabulous. xf

Sugar Pop said...

i love the skirt and NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM!!!!!!!

hmm...i would say the heels over the flats..it gives a nice summer/fancy effect.

i would try it out but my camera is pretty much DEAD. dammit.

pammish said...

ilike the dressy look and that skirt :)

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I like it with the satin skirt best; but maybe it's because I have the same one!

Arielle said...

my favorite is the purple shirt paired withe the blue skirt and I liked the shoes on the right!