May 30, 2008

Green and Pink

Today I am planning on shopping for a new sewing pattern from JoAnne Fabrics. I am thinking maybe a skirt or a dress. Hmmmmmmm. I am an ok sewer, although I am sure my Home Ec (sorry FCS) teacher would beg to differ. I managed to rip a hole in the pillow I made last year, and this year, although the pajama shorts came out alright, I broke a sewing needle, and it was the END OF THE WORLD!!! I also managed to cause a pot full of noodles to boil over. My home ec career was probably over before it started.

Heres what I wore today:

Green Top $8.99 Gap Outlet

Jean Skirt $20.00 Forever 21

Shoes $15.00 Payless

Necklace $1.99 Claires

Scarf Found in my grandma's attic

Here is a closeup of the scarf.

And here is the necklace.

I also went shopping the other day. In addition to the shirt I wore yesterday, here is what I bought:

Shorts $15.00 each at Aeropostle. Don't eat me, I know they look super preppy, but I have been needing shorts for the summer.

Scarf $7.99 Forever 21

Book: Miss New York Has Everything I have finished it already, and I was impressed

Earrings: $4.99 Rue 21 The white blobs are doves.

Fav Song:

Dear Prudence

The Beatles


Stephanie said...

Cute and good for summer! I like the green/blue combo.

Squishybubble said...