March 23, 2008

I am Back!

Excuse the lack of posting....again, but Easter break left me like NOOOOOOOOO time for posting. While I was away I
-Went to H&M and bought 2 blousy shirts. I like never go is horrible because the closest one is 45 minutes away!
-Went through clothes in my grandparent's attic, and found SOOOOO many cute vintage skirts and blouses, BUT after washing, they still smell a little musty...any tips?
-Got $40 for babysitting (spending money!)
-Found 2 necklaces @ Claire's-one is a strawberry that was reminiscent of the movie Across the Universe (Jim Sturgess...AHHHH) and one reminds me of Harry Potter

Daily Favs!
The Way I AM
Ingrid Michealson


What I'm Wearing:
delia*s jeans $30
Beatles Top $4.99 @ Gabes
Short Brown Sweater $10
Brown Flats $20
I was going to wear the tops with a brown and blue plaid skirt from the attic, BUT it smelled musty, so I was forced to wear jeans!

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