December 1, 2008

A Super Fly DIY!

Instead of wasting away in front of the telly today (like I have been all weekend!), I decided to get something done. I worked on playlists for my Christmas gifts, which happen to be CD's, but I then found myself gravitating towards the television. After all, there was a Super Sweet Sixteen marathon on MTV (what a trash tv loving suburbanite I am). So when I finally got up off of the couch, I decided to reinvent a pair of jeans I hardly ever wear.
I began by making this lovely drawing:

I ended up just changing the pockets, because the embroidery was too hard.

Here is how they turned out. I really do enjoy them! They remind me of the ripped jeans all the way up the leg, but because of stupid school LAWS, I am not allowed to have anything ripped above the knee *sniffle*.
The pockets, up close and personal!To create the pockets:
1. Chalk out the peace design you would like to make.

2. Cut as directed on below:Click to enlarge.

3. Lastly, you must sew up the flap that is falling down, and your jeans are as good as new!Oh, Stylebytes is back up, and though Agathe is not posting, I hope she will soon!


In-tree-gue said...

the way you cut up your pants was quite inovative =)

Amelia said...

Nice DIY. Agathe is so lovely. We all miss her.

nv said...

i miss agathe i hope she starts posting again soon!

jess said...

The pockets sort of look like peace signs! I'm reading three books right now Pattie boyd and Queen of fashion for fun. And i have to read the scarlett letter for school.

Emilie White said...

Clever!!! I really like your blog, I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links... if so, maybe comment your url on my blog?

dapper kid said...

Oh wow, super cool diy!

Nadine said...

Great idea :)... love what you've done with the pockets!