August 31, 2008

Product Review: Tresemme Flawless Curls I was skeptical when I saw the commercial about Tresemme Flawless Curls hair products. Extreeeemely skeptical. How could that woman's hair look so...amazing?! But in huge spout of consumerism, I decided to try one of their products: Curl Defenition Jelly. It claims to define curls and to make hair shinier and softer. Surprisingly, it works. I noticed after the first time that I used that my hair was not as dull as it usually was, and my curls were a bit bouncier. But there was still a problem with frizz! So in another spout of consumerism, I bought the No Frizz Shine Spray.

Though the product was not made for curly hair (I did not realize it at the time!! duh moment for me!) it still works well. I noticed that I did not have all the fuzz that I normally get, and my hair looked good for once.

Here is how to use the products:

1. Start out with damp hair.

2. Rub the Curl Definition Jelly into the hair like mousse.

3. Dry hair, while scrunching.

4. Once the hair is dry, spray hair with the No Frizz Spray.

5. If necessary, respray throughout the day!



strikeapose said...

Hello darling. Certainly link up! I added you.

Dapper Kid said...

I looove Tresemme, I have like four bottles of their conditioner stashed away.

jess said...

does that curl straight hair?

Danz said...

Great review! Anything that makes curls shiny and bouncy is worth a try!

Paris Tarts said...

Sounds like my hair routine!