August 14, 2008

A few favorite things...

for this week:

Music: The Violent Femmes are coming back to haunt me. Must obsessivly listen to them on!! (aka American Music has been taking over my speakers)

Site: ok...a bit little kiddish but what can I say??

Shopping: Well, I was going to post a picture of these ah-mazing green flats at forever 21, but the stupid site isn't working. But!! since I am buying them, I will post them later!

1. School shopping
2. Going out to breakfast with friends.
3. Swimming!
4. Olympics (go USA!!)
5. Fred's new video on youtube tommorow!
6. The Twilight movie is coming out sooner!!
7. erm...not much else!


Anna Shapiro said...


Paris Tarts said...

Cute blog! :)


1234 said...

i am addicted to watching the olympics...its not healthy for me to sit on my ass and watch tv all day...but whatevs.

montypython101 said...

as u already kno, i am OBSESSED WITH OLYMPICS. michael phelps, can i hav ur number??? haha, anyways, just wanted to let u kno that the US may get 2 more golds cuz some of the chinese gymnasts are under investigation about being underage.

Nay'Chelle said...

fun! I watch the olympics a ton too.

ellie said...

Yeah, its cool to see how people are at breakfast..sluggish..and some really happy.

jess said...

great list. i used to love stardoll

Dapper Kid said...

Yay for stardoll :) *sigh* I need to find something to fill the void of the Olympics haha.