February 3, 2008

Shopping Tips!

Sorry I did not write yesterday...I had too much to do and not enough time!
Today, I will give you some of my FAVORITE shopping tips.
1. Always try stuff on. Some times it looks good on the rack, but not on you, and then you are left with having to return the clothes (even though you get to do more shopping!)
2. The clearance area is usually in the back of the store (in case you lived under a rock and did not know that!) so head there first!
3. At stores like The Gap and H&M, the same adult styles are sometimes featured in children styles, too. IF THEY FIT AND DON'T MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A LITTLE KID!!, I actually reccomend that you buy the kid style because it is cheaper!
4. Go to thrift stores! Sometimes you can find really cute stuff for a VERY cheap price!
5. Do not over-pay for ANYTHING. Sometimes designer knock-offs can look cuter than the orginals. Then again...do not buy a designer handbag!

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